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How to Create a Servitor to do Your Bidding

A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created on the astral plane that performs a certain task which you require.

I am going to show you how to make a Servator so that you can use it in order to help you. This is my version of creating a servitor, it is the John Kreiter special which means that it is in some ways simpler but also a far more powerful method of creating an astral being for your purposes.
A servitor could be used to:

  • Guard your property or a loved one(s)
  • help you create an aura about yourself (for example you might create one that is sort of like a light that fills you with confidence, bravery, luck, etc.)
  • bring you things that you might need


The general explanation of what a Servator is, is that it is a concentrated thought form that is created to perform a certain task(s). Esoterically it is believed that thoughts can be concentrated to such a degree that these thoughts eventually become physically real. The explorer and writer Alexandra David-Néel for example wrote at great length about her encounters with thought forms in Tibet, which are called “Tulpa”, and how Tibetan monks were incredibly adept at creating these. She also writes how she was able to create one of these Tulpas herself after many months of effort and eventually this thought form became so solid that others in her expedition party were able to see it as well*.

In order to create a decently functioning Servitor, you do not need to spend months putting it together and certainly it does not need to be so powerful that others can see it.

For those that find it difficult to believe that thought-forms can be coalesced into such a power, that they can actually affect reality or be seen by other people, there is also a psychological explanation that might help. Some psychologists like to expound the theory that the human psyche can be seen of as made up of different parts; that is, what we consider to be a whole personality is actually a personality made up of a whole bunch of different sub-personalities working together. There is a part of you for example that is a whiner while there is another part of you that likes to win at all costs. Since we seamlessly cycle from one part(sub-personality) of our whole personality to another, we do not notice that in actuality we are made of many different parts working together.
A Servator then is sort of like a part that you are creating through the use of a ritual act. You either create a whole new sub-personality or you round up a few of these sub-personalities in order to manifest a new one that is well-suited to a particular purpose.

When this psychological explanation fails is when you have coincidences or synchronicities that happen which seem to be beyond mere psychological action. Certainly here we could transpose ideas about the personality affecting reality through either the ‘collective unconscious”, or the remapping of probable events at a subconscious level by this newly created sub-personality.
At any rate I can tell you from personal experience that these Servitors do function quite well and that their use can be highly profitable if you learn this skill.

To create a Servator you need to go about it in three parts:

  1. Construction
  2. Charging
  3. Casting



The first step is construction which means that you have to create a symbolic representation of your Servitor. This to me is the funnest part because you are essentially using your creative talents to come up with a design for a new being. I suggest that you look far and wide and borrow ideas from any source that you might have available to you.
The one thing that you must keep in mind though is that you want functionality above all else;
think of what it is that you want your Servitor to do. If for example you want a Servator that will go out into the world and get something for you, you might want to give it really strong arms or perhaps even tentacles that it can use to latch on to what it wants in order to bring it back to you. If you want a Servator to protect your home, you might want to give it armor of one kind or another so that it can protect you in the best way possible. As I said you can do whatever you think is best, just remember to stick to functionality and I might also suggest that you create a smaller creature instead of the bigger one as it takes more energy and time to charge a bigger Servitor.

The best way to do this is to grab some scrap paper and write down on it a ‘statement of intent’. This statement basically represents what you want your Servitor to do or what you wish to accomplish with your Servitor. Once you have the statement of intent, think of a creature that you believe would best be able to perform that duty that you want it to accomplish. As I stated above, use your imagination here and create something that you really like and that you think will be able to do what you want it to do. You can even borrow certain creatures that already exist and use this image as your personal servitor. For example it would be a great idea to use something like an ‘angry bird’ to guard your home; at the first sign of trouble, it flies off and explodes driving away any evil person or energy.

Once you have your statement of intent and you have created a good representation of what your servitor looks like, the next step is to create a more cartoonish or simplified version of this servitor on paper. For example if you have created an armored turtle to protect your home, draw a really simple stick figure of this turtle. You might want to just draw a simple hexagon to represent this servitor that you are creating. It will essentially be the symbol by which you will know your servitor; think of it as a logo of your servitor.

The final step is to give your servitor name. Again this is all up to you so try and come up with a name that you find suited to your servitor and to what its purpose is. Also try and think of something that you like and that will inspire you when you are using your servitor in the future. Tell this name to no one.

So on this piece of paper you should have:


  • statement of intent at the top
  • a paragraph or a point by point description of what you want your servitor to do
  • a personal drawing of your servitor which should be as complex as you can make it
  • a point by point description of your servitor special powers or capabilities which should be apparent in your drawing (no one else should be seeing this drawing so don’t worry about trying to make it perfect, you just want a good description of the creature that you are trying to create)
  • a simplified version of the descriptive picture that you have made, this is a symbol or ‘logo’ of your servitor
  • the name of your servitor at the bottom



Now that you have created the effigy of your servitor, you need to bring it to life. In order to do this you will be charging it with thought force which is essentially personal attention. Whether you believe in the psychological aspects of creating a different part of your personal psyche or whether you believe that you need to create a thought form of enough intensity so that it can eventually affect the material world, what you essentially need to do here to charge your servitor and to give it your concentrated attention.

You can either use the scrap piece of paper that you used to come up with your servitor or you can get another piece of paper and on it draw the logo of your servitor along with its name. Find a quiet place where you can be alone and put that piece of paper before you so you can see it. Focus all your attention on that logo and begin to repeat the name of your servitor. As you do so imagine as vividly as possible that this servitor is real and that it is alive before you. Keep repeating the name and if you can, try to imagine your servitor coalescing about the piece of paper that you have drawn. But most importantly try to believe with every fiber of your being that this servitor is alive and is now before you.

Try to do this exercise for a good 10 to 30 minutes. I recommend that you do this exercise at least three times, on three different days, before you consider your servitor to be functional. The more times that you do this exercise, the stronger that your servitor will become, and the more powerful that it’s influence will be.

-If you are creating a servitor that you will only use once, then charging it three times should be good enough.
-If you are creating a servitor that will be around for a while then you could charge it initially and then recharge it every month or so depending on what feels good for you.
-If it’s a servitor that you will use once and then maybe use again in a few months or years, charge it as usual every time you need to use it.


the final part of using your servitor is to give it its instructions in a concise way and send it out to do your bidding.
The best way to do this is to first charge your servitor until you have a good sense, a strong belief, that it is indeed alive before you (perhaps floating above its logo and name on that paper). Then once you are confident that it is there; call its name, give it its instruction, and send it on its way. You might say something like; “ [servitor's name] go out and protect this home!” “GO!” And then point in the direction you want it to go.

Think of your servitor sort of like a pet that you have created or perhaps a computer program that you have created in order to do your bidding. Be strong and commanding in your tone whenever you address it and always remember that it works for you and not the other way around. If you ever see it fleeting around not acting in a way that you wanted to, order it to get back to work or tell it to make itself scarce until you need it. If you’re having problems in this area then I suggest that you watch a few episodes of “the dog whisperer” so that you clearly understand what it means to be a leader.

Whether a psychological exercise or a truly alive astral being and thought form, your servitor will be able to accomplish amazing things if it is created correctly. Be creative in your creations and how you wish to accomplish your desires, this is a truly wonderful way to deal with some of the problems that you might have in your life and the sky’s the limit as to what your servitors can do.
For example I know a lady that created a servitor that was a big 1920s oil lamp. This servitor gave off this beautiful green light and its purpose was to hang just above the front door of her house illuminating anyone coming into the house with its light; the green light was beautiful loving energy. The servitor was created to bring harmony to the home and to give good feelings to any visitor entering the home.


There is a magical world all around us and it can be accessed by anyone who is willing to put the time and effort to discover our Occult Reality. If you are interested in learning more about how to become more aware of these powerful though-forms and how to control them, then I suggest you check out my book “The Occult Experience“. There you will find ways to train your mind to see these paranormal forces, and you will also learn how to banish them when necessary.



*1929, Magic and Mystery in Tibet





I just put together a little ebook in order to answer many of the questions that people have had about creating servitors. While many of the questions are answered in this article, along with the accompanying comments, I thought that some might appreciate having all of this information in a more ordered fashion. I have also included some very detailed information about how thoughts create reality, how negative thought forms are created, and how to overcome negative thought forms using servitors. I kept the price as low as I could, mostly just enough to make up for putting together the ebook so check it out if you are interested!





Lady Wisdom 09-08-2013, 03:30

How do you disipatate a servitor? In other words, how do you get rid of one?

John 09-08-2013, 07:41

This is a very good question so thank you for asking.
First of all it is very important that before you create a servitor, you are really sure about what you intend to do. Decide right away whether you think it will be something that you will only need once or whether it will be an entity that you will be using many times. If it is a servitor that you will use only once, then the initial charge of this servitor should be enough so that once it is sent on its mission, it will perform its task and then dissipate.
The truth of any thought energy is that it will never completely fade away, that is it will always exist and essentially take off on a life of its own, creating its own probable events. This is also the case with any dreams that we might have, they do not stop existing after we stopped dreaming them. What happens is that this servitor will continue to exist just like any other thought the we have had, it will just exist in a probable universe that we are not aware of. So the first answer is that any servitor that has your attention taken away from it, will stop existing within our awareness and will essentially be gone from our lives. In order to dissipate any servitor, you must stop paying attention to it or thinking about it in any way, forcefully keep your attention well away from it if you have to.

In the article I mentioned that you should watch a couple of episodes of “the dog whisperer”. I mention this because any servitor that you will be using on more than one occasion, and therefore paying a lot of attention to, will start to become more prominent in your life. When you create a servitor like this and can’t control it, it can become more of a hindrance than help. Servitor’s are like pets, you are in charge and they do your bidding, not the other way around. Learn to become the alpha in the relationship or just like the people in the Caesar Milan show, don’t get one. But again even this type of servitor will dissipate within a pretty short period of time if you completely ignore it. Be very specific about what the servitor’s task is and then send it on its mission. Once it is sent on its mission forget about it. If you see it buzzing around like a pesky fly, pretend that you’re a giant vacuum cleaner and suck it up into yourself. it’s your creation and it’s using your energy of attention to exist within this dimension so if it starts to act up on you, put it in its place by sucking that energy back.

juanpedro 22-08-2013, 20:24

Hi John.
Thank you for the info. Today is the my first day of servitor making attempt :) . I do have a question, though. Why can’t the drawing be seen or name be known by other person?

John 22-08-2013, 20:54

A servitor is essentially a highly concentrated thought form and is therefore susceptible to the thoughts of others. When you let another person in on the secrets of your servitor, you are essentially opening up your servitor to their mental influence. These thoughts are never productive even when the other person has positive intentions. The reason for this is that the servitor works on a highly specific thought stamp with a highly specific task as its goal. When another person knows about your servitor or knows about what your servitor will try to accomplish, their thoughts and intentions could get in the way of this servitor and make its job far more difficult.

If we take it for granted that thoughts can create things, that they are things themselves, then the thoughts of another person have a power of their own as well. Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to witness paranormal phenomena around the skeptic? The reason for this is that the powerful thoughts of that skeptic are actually creating an intent of their own which makes any paranormal activity difficult to manifest.

When you tell someone about your servitor you’re giving them ‘history’ of that servitor and this information coupled with their expectations will be projected just as your servitor has been projected. Knowledge of your servitor’s name or its image are key components because it is sort of like the key that you use to ‘focus in’ on the servitor no matter how far or scattered the thoughts are that make up the servitor. If another person knows your servitor’s name then that focus from them to your servitor becomes even more powerful.

Keep this task to yourself and never reveal your servitor’s name or its image. Secrets are a powerful thing and that power can help to increase the effectiveness of your mental creations.

Good luck! And if you don’t get the exact results that you were hoping for, keep practicing. Focus is everything; focus when you are charging your servitor and focus when you are sending your servitor on its task.

Walker 28-08-2013, 16:54

So what do you do if you have a thoughtform that is over ten years old, and may be a nearly (if not fully) sentient being that will absolutely not be ignored? Sorry for vagueness, but I’m trying to keep a long story short. The person in question really isn’t a practitioner of any sort of magick or metaphysics, but since putting her thoughtform on the backburner, the thoughtform has been getting aggressive in dreams. I’ve told her essentially what you already advised in the comments above, but the thoughtform is stubborn and hell in high heels and comes off as pretty indomitable.

I have a few ideas on how to deal with it, but I’m not sure if generate the proper “gnosis” (for lack of a better term) to convincingly send it away. Any tips?

Solid site, by the way. Will continue to read your stuff.


John 28-08-2013, 19:02

Hi Walker,

It does seem like you have quite a situation there. Something that old and with so much attention added to it, can indeed be quite a handful. Something like this can be quite similar to a bodily dis-ease or even a psychological break. The reason for this is that something that has gotten so much attention can essentially become a belief within the psyche. A belief is essentially a thought or a collection of thoughts that has created a neurological pattern within the brain, somewhat like a memory. Changing a belief involves the ability to inject a whole new set of thoughts with enough intensity that they rewire the brain.

When Alexandra David-Néel, I’m not sure if you know about her but you can look her up if you like, created a thought form with the guidance from Tibetan monks, she commented on the fact that after six months of arduous effort, the thought form that she created turned into a very large pest. This pest required another six months of arduous effort to get rid of it.

You say that you have implemented some of the ideas that I have shared in the comments above. This essentially boils down to first and foremost, not paying attention to it. This can obviously be quite a difficult task when the entity keeps popping out from around corners or inserts itself into your friends dreams. If your friend is able to completely let go of this entity emotionally, this method would essentially stop that entity within short order.
I have also mentioned that you can begin to systematically drain the thought energy that this entity uses to maintain itself. This is what I believe Alexandra David-Néel had to do when she needed to get rid of her thought form.

The best way to do this is to ritualistically take apart the form and character of this entity and then slowly but surely drain every single ounce of attention/thought energy that it has. Now by ritualistically I mean you could help your friend to denote the exact dimensions of this being; what it looks like, what it’s called, how it acts, what it does, and everything else he can think about it specifically. When you have all this together you drain every single aspect of this entity away; for example starting with what it looks like, slowly drain away all the attention/thought energy from this thing until it no longer has a form. Your friend must be completely satisfied that she has drained away all of this creatures energy until the form is no longer capable of existence outside of her psyche.
The draining away is done by imagining yourself to be a giant vacuum cleaner or a magnet perhaps that slowly and systematically sucks all of this energy into itself. You could for example imagine that you are sucking the light of life from this entity into yourself, doing this for as long as it takes to remove the form. Then you do this with every single aspect of this entity; its name, its actions, etc. Done systematically, this method works but it takes time and effort.

But this isn’t the only way, do remember that your mind is an infinitely creative thing. If the above methods, or the methods that you are thinking of trying do not work, try something completely different. A great approach would be to create another servitor, or perhaps a whole flock of them. They don’t have to be incredibly strong or complicated in design. All you have to do is create a flock of servitor’s that have only one task; the task being to slowly drain away the energy from this bothersome entity. Sort of like a lamprey or perhaps giant mosquitoes, the servitor’s would slowly drain away the energy from this entity over time. You can create as many as you want and you can have this energy that they suck away either come back to your friend or have the servitors take it to the Earth and deposit it there.

My final comment, I promise; do remember that this entity did not get this energy by itself. That is while this thought form might have been in the back burner, your friend must have been paying constant attention to it for it to get this strong. I would suggest that you question her on this and that you ask her about the thoughts that guided her. Again you might find that there are certain beliefs that she has that will be the culprit here. If this is the case then I suggest that you have her deal with these negative beliefs.

Hope this helps!

Walker 28-08-2013, 20:30

Thanks, and I’ve known about the Neel book, I just haven’t tracked it down or ordered it off of amazon yet. Been meaning to of course.

The friend, I should add, is my girlfriend whom I’m quite serious with, and the entity absolutely hates me because, according to my girlfriend, I took away the need for her to exist. The tulpa/servitor started off as sort of the idea of a “Tough, cool grown-up chick” that would look out for her, but eventually became the embodiment of her stage persona during her year-long stint as an exotic dancer (which if you give credence to the sigil > servitor > egregore > godform growth pattern of thought-forms, might explain why she has such a strong presence). So basically we’re dealing with something that is all Id and Ego, but no super ego. There’s been no cases of unwilling possession, just some dreams where the being openly told my girlfriend it was a dream, and proceeded to torment her by doing things like seducing dream-me, causing chaos at a wedding reception — and even going as far as to continue the nightmares after she had woken up, gotten some water, and went back to bed. I think the root fear that keeps the servitor alive is the lack of self-confidence in my girlfriend without the watchful protection of the man-hating hellfire cat.

Anywho, I’ve been developing a sort of ritual to help with dwindling the presence using your general techniques to reach a gnostic “religious” state (if only for the placebo benefits alone). I’m fairly competent fiction writer so my thought was to convincingly “write” her into a position of less power. I’ve made a couple of attempts to write something, but I don’t think I approached it with enough reverence, so if I’m going to attempt this I’m going to have to write something roughly publishable, that will never be published. No big deal for someone I care about. The difficulty is in getting somebody else to “Believe this will work”, so I’m going to have to design a system of gibberish sigils and find a way to make everything feel “authentic” without accidentally stepping into the creepier bits of occultism that might be offputting. Not sure if it’ll work, I might try it out on a buddy of mine who has a similar problem and would be more immediately open to the idea, just to see if “magic through art” can affect thoughtforms.

I’ve done some research prior to stumbling upon your site, but none of the fifteen-year-old bronies on the tulpa sites gave any valuable insight. They all equate tulpa supression with murder, so it’s difficult to get any help.Thanks again for the tips.


John 29-08-2013, 07:29

Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate your comments.

It sounds like you have some very good ideas so I hope everything goes well. If you’re looking for some more basic information, might I suggest this book by Phil Hine:

I’m not certain if you know about Chaos Magick, but you certainly seem to know how to play their game.

I would also recommend my book “The Occult Experience”, but while in the book I give a long and concise chapter on banishings, these techniques are only used to keep certain things at bay; not to annihilate them. It’s sort of like the Incredible Hulk principal; if you can contain it and manage it, it can become an amazing power for constructive ends.

I had something very similar happened to me with a girl I used to know, it did end up turning into a full-blown poltergeist attack one night which was of course incredibly fascinating to me. This thing had enough power to completely trash part of the ceiling and the night turned into a very powerful battle of wills. if this happens to you, get mad. Remember what I said about Cesar Milan.

let me know how it goes, I am happy to help in anyway I can.

Erick 04-10-2013, 04:54

Can I charge a sigil with Ellis in order to increase the power?

John 04-10-2013, 07:29

I’m not sure what you mean by Ellis. If it is what I think you mean, then I would say that most likely not. While such a substance, used properly by trained individuals, seems to have the ability to alter neural synapses and create some amazing long-term change in beliefs, a servitor is designed to affect the external world and not just yourself. Such creation seems to require a type of psychic force that does not just come from complete and utter belief but in the adrenal release created by the struggle engendered when one tries to make a desire real.

cesar 08-11-2013, 21:57

Can servitors be created to be self sufficient as far as energy? So that they do not require constant charging if i plan on using it for many years? as in part of its design is to acquire energy that is not being used by any living entity around to feed itself as in to be able to complete its set task?

John 27-11-2013, 09:19

Yes, theoretically it can to a certain degree. BUT this is dangerous because you would be creating a vampiric entity. An Egregor is not a smart thing so complicated tasks like sucking the life force from certain things only, things that might not need energy for example is very difficult. Your thought form will not be able to make such decisions; decisions in general are beyond it. These beings must be given a very simple task and then forcefully commanded to carry them out. If you get too complicated, you will most likely create an ineffective creature.

While energy is what keeps it alive, a more important issue with an Egregor is its software as it were. Software degrades over time also so you must feed it energy but you must also make sure that its task and your command are also recharged within it. All energy and no software and you have a poltergeist. Keep it simple and command it strongly.

Penny 01-01-2014, 10:59

Hi ive had a servitor sent to me and its attached to my aura. This person wanted to make my life hell. Ive tried everything to remove it. Ignoring it makes no difference as its not my energy that made it. HELP!!!!

John 01-01-2014, 14:46

Hi Penny,

I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and I will do my best to help. First realized that this is a most difficult situation for me since I know very little about the situation that caused this problem to begin with. My first advice to you would be to seek help from someone that has experience in these matters, even someone that works with energy directly like a Reiki master.

If this is not possible for you at the moment, I’m going to give you the four-pronged approach that you can use until you get proper help and realize the root issue as to why this situation has come your way.

Step one: the first thing that you should do is take matters into your own hands and do something about banishing this negative entity. I give some examples here in this site of how to banish negative energy and entities and I suggest that you look into these if you are interested; specifically in the paranormal section. I am also going to give you a specific conjuration that you can use right away as it is a very powerful incantation that you can use to help yourself as soon as possible.

It is a conjuration against demons, it is of Sumarian origin and should destroy this thing out right. I want you to wait until nighttime to use it as it is most powerful at this time. It is essentially quite simple to do; basically repeat these words while concentrating deeply on this negative entity (not the person but the servitor) that you perceive as being attached to you. It is very important that you focus on this negative entity as you say these words; either by imagining it in your minds eye as a visual thing or even the feeling of it when it is close to you.
While you are focusing on this thing repeat the following:

Arise! Arise! Go far away! Go far away!
Be shamed! Be shamed! Flee! Flee!
Turn around, go, arise and go far away!
Your wickedness may rise to heaven like unto smoke!
Arise and leave my body!
From my body, depart in shame!
From my body Flee!
Turn away from my body!
Go away from my body!
Do not return to my body!
Do not come near my body!
Do not approach my body!
Do not Throng around my body!
Be command by Shammash the Mighty!
be command by Marduk, the Great Magician of the Gods!
Be command by the God of Fire, your Destroyer!
May you be held back from my body!

Step two: I want you to practice this particular exercise and to to it on a daily basis;

I want to do this until you create a positive level of energy around yourself and your surroundings so that this bubble exists within and around you no matter where you go. It will involve some focus on your part and concentration.

Step three: I want to examine your life and the situations that led to this outcome. It could quite possibly be that there is nothing that you did to cause this but I urge you to study the situation nonetheless to find out how this happened whether accidental or otherwise. As you do this examine your beliefs about the situation and notice any beliefs that you think seem erronous in some way. If you believe that you should change your beliefs in this area then begin to do so.

Step four: I want you to forgive the person that did this to you. I also want to forgive yourself. Send this person love with all your heart and know that any time that you are sending love to someone, that person cannot hurt you with any negative thoughts or feelings. Open up your heart to yourself and love yourself for who you are; loving yourself in this way and sharing this love with the other will free you energetically from any bonds that this person has placed upon you.

Finally seek help from someone that you think you can trust and who knows about these matters. Someone who can be there with you physically and can give you advice on how to keep up your strength energetically and spiritually.

Penny 06-01-2014, 08:31

thanks for your advice John. Besides rheki masters that ive already seen and they seem to have ‘fed it’ who else would you suggest?
It was sent to me by someone full of jealousy and they knew I wouldn’t have a clue about what to do. She thought my husband would think I was crazy and leave me, after 27yrs my hubby knows that if I say this has happened then it has and he is supporting me along with my 2 children.
I will send out love to her and myself and banish the servitor. It is attached to my aura, it scratches me with razor sharpe claws constantly and makes me feel raw. my hubby has 3 deep scratches on his back and I have had them too. Its really awful.
unfortunately the people ive seen have been mediums and they all treat it like a spirit who hasn’t gone to the light, they have no idea about servitors/thoughtforms.
I will keep you posted. thanks again

John 06-01-2014, 09:11

I’m sorry that the reiki practitioner did not work for you. I thought that a person like this might be able to help but if they’re not good enough to be able to distinguish between your energy and foreign energy then indeed this person will only feed this thing and it’s best that you stay away from him or her.

Thanks to the power of our incredibly all-encompassing media, it has indeed become the case that even the occult has become PC. While there has always been a large amount of people professing to have some kind of power or another, thanks to the many ghost shows and the like on television, everything is now blamed on ghosts or little grey men from outer space.

While I have seen a number of ads for people professing to be sorcerers or the like, I would not recommend these people since it is quite possible that they don’t have a clue what they are doing either and you could end up in a bigger mess than when you started.

Why I told you that you should examine yourself and your beliefs, and why I also mentioned that you should find some kind of support, is that things like a servator or a malignant thought form, cannot exist very long by themselves. So unless this person is resending these things over and over, the thought form that is now hurting you should run out of steam if you make sure that you don’t feed it yourself. You feed it by projecting guilt, sadness, pain, and worry. Cutting off these emotions can make you sick so I do not suggest that, but what I do suggest is that you examine what you believe about certain things that relate to this situation so that you can tell yourself, “no, this is not true and I will stop believing it.”

If you are on your own, so be it. I have full confidence that you can take care of yourself with a little practice now that you know what you are up against, you seem like a capable person to me.

First of all keep practicing what I told you; that one banishing incantation that I gave you is a very powerful and if you keep using it, with complete focus on the thought form when you say the words, this thing should get blasted from your life.

Also remember to fight fire with fire. This article after all was created to teach you how to create a servator for yourself. I personally have a servator that protects me and mine on a regular basis and I suggest you do the same. Use the advice given in the article and create something powerful and over time, as its power grows, this thought form will be able to protect you from anything.

As you already know, life is far stranger than most people would like to believe. If you want to do a little more studying on your own, then I suggest my book ”The Occult Experience”. While it’s not directly related to how to deal with such thought forms as we have discussed, it does give you the general background as to how life and our perceptions work and it does give you many ideas as to how to expand your own abilities. I also recommend anything on “Chaos Magick”; the books by Phil Hine or Andrieh Vitimus are good, just check Amazon.

Good luck, and do keep me posted.

BabalonSS11 04-02-2014, 07:38

Hi John,
I was wondering if Servitors can be of assistance in the Astral, rather than the physical plane? In the sense that one may require assistance in the Astral, say for protection or guided wisdom etc or could a Servitor be used to assist one in the act of projection into the Astral from the physical?

John 04-02-2014, 09:17

This is a great question! The complete answer would require a book I think, but the short precise answer would be yes. Actually I would use the answer; emphatically yes.

If your servator becomes powerful enough, so that you can see it in your dreams, then you can be sure that it can be of help to you while you are in the dream or astral state.

Now, the astral experience is actually a varied thing and can involve different types of conscious and unconscious states. As a result the way your servator acts in these states can also be quite varied. For example if you use The Mental Technique Method that I write about in this article, using your servator in these states can be easy and you will also find that it is a wonderful companion whenever you need its particular assistance, depending on what its function is supposed to be.

While in a lucid dream state or in a complete astral projection, the use of your servitor is still quite feasible and it is one of the methods used by powerful sorcerers to get across difficult regions of the Psyche or the astral spheres. The problems that you might encounter involve the identification and the control of your servitor. In these states a servitor could appear to as anything from a blob of light or mist, to an amalgamation of all of the different ideas and thoughts that you have about it and what it should look like. If you are able to see your servitor in the astral or in a lucid dream as a complete entity, just like you designed it to be, acting completely under your command, then you are definitely a powerful person and one who has mastered the ability to create these powerful thought forms.

If you are able to create such a powerful servitor, and this just takes practice patience and effort, then using this servitor in the astral can be a great benefit to you. You can use to protect yourself from foreign energy that you might encounter, you can also use it to light your way and to help you probe distant areas, you can use it as a guide sort of like a deep reconnaissance probe, and you can use it to help you protect your body while you are far away on an astral voyage. You can also use it to help you begin in astral projection, sort of like a door into the other plane; once you see it clearly and feel it, you are there.

Novice Jacob 29-04-2014, 18:24

I have a question. When you create and charge a servitor, do you see it normally without focusing on it? Or do you have to focus and think about it everytime you want to see it? Im very interested in creating one but I want to see it without focusing on it all the time.

John 30-04-2014, 07:41

Yes you can definitely get to the point when you call see your Servitor without effort. You can also create one that is powerful enough to be seen without the need to focus; that is it will seem to be an independent creature that moves on its own without your attention.

To do this you will need to charge your servitor on a regular basis for about six months or so, sorry these things take time and effort. It is possible to get an ‘independent’ more quickly but it requires intense emotional energy at the time of charging; be careful here though as certain emotions can become infused with your servitor, like anger for example, and this could make it more chaotic and mean. Slow and steady charging is best.

When you are charging, focus on every detail of it and focus on making it real like all the objects and beings around you; plants, furniture, cat, etc.
With every charging, you will find it easier to focus on your servitor; it won’t take as much effort to see it before you. This will continue until you can see it clearly without much difficulty. Eventually you might see it around without you even focusing or calling on it. The last step is when others can see it as well.

PLEASE do be careful though and read Walkers comment on this page!! When servitors become this powerful they start to become willful and you must control it like you would control a difficult pet. Remember you are in charge here and don’t be afraid to punish it if it does not obey.

You might want to read about ‘Alexandra David-Néel’ and her experiences with a ‘Tulpa’ which is basically the same thing as a servitor except that a servitor is given a mission while Tulpas were usually just Tibetan exercises in concentration and worship.

María 14-05-2014, 19:17

I started to create servitors a few years ago. The first ones were a full success, I even saw them in front of me when sleeping or taking a nap. But then gradually every time I created one it just did not respond, never again could I get the same great results I did at the beginning. The steps I followed were the ones you described. The first servitor I created I did not give any credit and it turned out to work wonderfully. Later on, I think I put more intent on my creations and I even got very anxious when they did not respond. Now that I am aware of that issue I try to avoid making the same mistake but any way I fail. What do you think I can do to get it working again?

John 15-05-2014, 10:02

Hi Maria,

I think that you are quite right in your assessment of the situation. Whenever we begin something new, we tend to have a more detached attitude and this coupled with great expectation, tends to give us very good results. In Zen this would be called the beginner’s mind and much of Zen is geared towards attaining this kind of mind all the time. Golfers for example tend to struggle with this kind of issue as well, the more expectation and the more importance that they put on their swing; the harder it is to make the shot.

The beginner’s mind though is a bit of the illusion in my opinion, you can never go back to that innocence, and results from trying to attain a beginner’s mind once again can be spotty at best. What I suggest to you is that instead of trying to attain that beginner’s mind again, you should try instead to create a more systematic approach to your creation of Servitors. Believe it or not, the problem that you are having is actually a good thing because it lets you know that your mind is indeed powerful and that now you must take more care in how you approach the act of mental creation.

Instead of trying to create a Servitor by charging it once or perhaps three times as I mentioned in the article, try to take a more systematic but slower approach. Firstly approach this exercise as a fun game instead of a task to accomplish. With this mental attitude, practice creating your Servitor by devoting 10 minutes to half an hour every day for a week or two. During this time focus on trying to see your Servitor before you and to create all the facets of its physical makeup in your mind’s eye. Slow and steady, like doing a fun workout. Do this until your Servitor becomes quite visible to you.

During this time I want you to also practice giving your Servitor commands. Nothing major, try to make your Servitor go from one end of a room to another and then perhaps to come before you and to hover over your palms. If you are having trouble doing this, I want you to spend as much time as you need in order to try and corral this creature until you can finally get it to do what you want instantly. This might take some time and some effort on your part but it will teach you about the power of your personal intent and it is good practice. Without this kind of control your Servitor is useless so take as much time as you need.

Eventually, and with a bit of effort, you will once again be able to create Servitors in a quick and efficient fashion. As I have mentioned a few times, you must treat your Servitor like a pet and there is no better teacher on how to treat your pet than Cesar Milan so study how he creates alpha dominance and use the same technique for your Servitor.

Good Luck!

María 15-05-2014, 12:18

Hi John,
Thank you ever so much for all your help! I will start working on my servitors as you suggest because the way they worked for me at first was so wonderful that I would like to attain the same result for so many other issues like helping others in health, for instance… Now you gave me courage and self-confidence to go on. Ah! One last question: Is there any possibility they can be attacked by astral entities once in operation? If so, what would be best to do? program them to face this situation accordingly or what?
Thanks again!! GOD bless you:)

María 15-05-2014, 13:08

Sorry, John, just one more question, should I use the same servitor I just created to do this practice and this same servitor reprogram for its original task? or am I supposed to create a new one for my orginal purpose? Thanks!

John 16-05-2014, 07:33

You are welcome Maria, I am glad that I could help!

Yes indeed they can be attacked by astral entities just like a small fish swimming through a large ocean might be attacked by a number of predators. Unfortunately if this predator is big enough, there is very little that you can do about it. This is one of the reasons why Servitors fail sometimes, they can become food for certain beings that exist out there. But this is a very rare occurrence since most Servitors do not have enough energy to make them any kind of target.

The answer to how best to deal with this is actually related to your second question. If for example you plan to create a certain Servitor for healing purposes, you might want to create one that you can use over and over again, one that has all the attributes that you think you would need in order to best heal someone. This is beneficial because every time that you use it, you are actually making it stronger because you are focusing more energy and attention into it. This way you will not need to make a new Servitor every time that you wish to help someone, but you will need to re-charge and re-task this one Servitor every time.

Make sure that you have a Servitor that ONLY does one certain thing. For example you don’t want a Servitor that does both protection and healing for example, in that case you’ll want one Servitor for each task. In this way your helpers will not suffer from a type of schizophrenia that makes them nearly useless and sometimes even problematic. Remember these are very very simple creatures.

So if you send this specialized Servitor out to help someone and you believe it has becomes food or sport for an astral entity, something that is unlikely, then what you need to do is to recharge this specialized Servitor and send it out again. Your Servitor cannot be destroyed, as no thought can ever be destroyed, but its energy can be drained so that it is no longer effective. When you think of your Servitor and start charging it again you are bringing this thought form back, you start to give it the energy that it needs to function again; the spark of life that it needs in order to act within this particular area of space and time. The blueprint that is the qualities and the form of your original Servitor cannot be destroyed but you will need to recharge and re-task this blueprint, this thought form, every time that you use it. In this way you have a vessel that you must fill with your intention and your energy so that it might do your bidding. How much time you spend re-charging and re-tasking your Servitor is up to you and comes with experience, but the more you use it, the less time that you will need for this.

Maria 21-05-2014, 13:12

Hello, John,
I just wanted to share with you my results so far with my 2 servitors. I have created them to help me with my work so they are important. I know through questions to my Guide that they are inactive, and the problem has nothing to do with a technique I may be using that is not effective or with a third external factor that desactivates them. I will keep asking my Guide, although this takes some time because I have to ask through yes/no questions, but I wanted to know your opinion and if there is something you think I may do. It is very strange, I got stuck at this point of servitor creation and I wonder why. Thanks!

John 22-05-2014, 12:53

If you have been creating, charging, and tasking (commanding) your Servitors properly, and hopefully using some of the new techniques that we have discussed in the previous comments, then there is no reason why you should be having difficulty.

You must realize that in everything you do there is faith; in other words you always have positive expectations. If you say to yourself that you will cross a certain room in order to pick up a cup from a table, you tend to do this without problems and with complete faith in the fact that your body will know what to do in order for you to accomplish this task. Sometimes this faith needs to be learned; this is especially the case when it is a new task, something you have not done before. Create, charge, and command your Servitors in an impeccable fashion, then have faith. Faith means believing even though you cannot see a thing, faith means knowing something to be true even though others tell you it is not; faith can move mountains Maria.

Wilhelm 20-06-2014, 09:23

Is it safe to create a though-form that will take control over me and my decisions? For example, in the love area?

John 23-06-2014, 13:13

No that wouldn’t be safe or practical; as I have stated in other earlier comments, a thought form is not a complex thing and it certainly cannot reason. There is also no way that your thought form or Servitor could take over for you or help you that way.

If you are interested in a Servitor to help in in getting love then I suggest you create one that hangs and moves around with you and radiates sexual appeal or love. These Servitors work like a shining light that floats around beside you; others can’t usually see it but they can feel its effects. These types of servitors make you seem more sexually appealing for example.

Wilhelm 01-07-2014, 16:38

But is it possible to create a servitor that will help me in more than one away? For example, giving my aura more than one trait, as long as they’re connected? Because I don’t find it practical to create one servitor for each characteristic

John 01-07-2014, 21:21

You can make a servitor as complicated as you like. My advice to you though is that complicated servitors tend not to work or sometimes develop a case of schizophrenia, which can make them rather difficult and impractical.

I am afraid that you will not be able to get the complicated results that I believe you are after with a servitor or any other kind of thought form. The caveat to this would be that you create one that would indeed become a god or demigod as it were, something akin to the giant thought form that Santa Claus (for an explanation of this please follow the link) has become for example. But this would require huge amounts of time (years) and effort on your part so I don’t think that this is the route that you would like to take.

But the answer is really there in my previous paragraph; what you are after is a god. This is a different type of magick that involves invoking and evoking certain god forms that can provide advice, assistance and help in general and specific matters.

This is a complicated form of energy/information tapping that involves accessing certain aspects of your psyche (or personality if you like) and using this focused concentration to access certain powerful energy gestalts called gods, saints, planets, etc. These gestalts represent different aspects of the personality and as such can help with love, finances or whatever depending on which god, saint, or planet you make contact with.

I have not written on such matters but if you are interested then I suggest you study material on ceremonial magick, Kabbalah, or perhaps even Chaos magick.

Penny 12-07-2014, 16:16

Hi John I contacted you in January asking for help in removing a servitor beetle that was sent to attach to my aura last sept and everything I tried to do failed.
Well I tried all you said and now I need to fight fire with fire.
I have for 3 days at 3 different times for 15 minutes or so been working on my own servitor to remove this awful thing. I think I can feel the energy building but can’t see anything. I am a psychic/medium, I hear, sense, smell and taste, im an empath. Very rare I see.
As I have this one attached to me I have no problem in believing in them and i feel the energy and my daughter said she could feel something. I know i can do this.
I’m a complete beginner,how long normally does it take to produce a functioning servitor?

John 12-07-2014, 18:00

Hi Penny,
I am sorry that you are still having problems. To charge a Servator so that it is effective, should only take the three days of charging as I have posted on the article. Remember that you can send it out to do as you ask and can also call it back after a while to re-charge it and send it out again if you want to.

Before you send it out on a mission, make sure that you believe in it and in its power. That your daughter can feel your energy accumulation is a good sign but remember that this energy needs to be bound by the form and the name that you have chosen.

We all have a modality that we prefer, that is we are either visual, auditory or kinesthetic (feelings). Try to experience your Servitor in the modality that is most powerful for you. If you are not sure what your preferred modality is, then try to experience your Servitor with all three.

Send it out though after these initial charges. If you don’t get the results that you like, then call it back and charge it again until it is real to you and then send it out to do your work again. Keep doing this and eventually you will be amazed that there will be a creature before you that you will be able to experience as being quite real and alive(perhaps alive like a machine). When your Servitor is this powerful, you will be able to overcome any difficulty with its help. Focus, focus, focus.

P.S. Don’t forget to try the Banishing that I wrote for you.

penny 14-07-2014, 06:19

I have made this servitor with the intention to remove this beetle from my aura. Im guessing that if ive made it right that it has that capability?
I will know when its ready as this nightmare will have been removed. I am focusing with all my will. I have good reason to!!
Been doing the banishing that you wrote for me.
As an extreme measure I have heard that you can absorb someone elses servitor if it is attached. Don’t really fancy doing it. But if I need to I will. Do you please have any advice about that.
Its very confusing on the internet, yours is an easy method, thank goodness. Some ive seen are very difficult for a beginner. Going into trance. Visualising colours and auras. Blasting it out of your aura in the appropriate colour. I would find that hard to do.
seeing your reply to Wilhelm I hope that I haven’t made my servitor too complicated and that’s why after 5 days im only feeling the energy as almost solid and he isn’t going off to do my bidding?
Thanks again for your help

John 14-07-2014, 07:59

Yes it is very confusing on the Internet, that is one of the reasons why I write about this, in order to clear up some of the misconceptions. There are people that sometimes try to post advice to others on my site, with very good intentions, but their advice is often quite dangerous and I therefore never post these comments.

Auras, colors and all the rest are really just complicated versions of something that the psyche does quite naturally and they are not required per se if you use the methods that I teach. While it is true that it could help some people, to make things overtly complicated is wrong. Sorry I don’t know how else to say it and only stress this because you should (everyone should) be most careful in what advice they followed obviously.

I would never recommend absorption of anything. There are also ideas about force fields out there which can also have a very similar effect; they essentially tend to intensify whatever you are feeling and experiencing. If you read other articles on my site you will realize that belief is the most important aspect of anything we do, in my opinion. This is especially so when it comes to higher mental actions as in the one you’re trying to perform. I am now offering personal telephone session because it is so difficult to explain some things through the written word. If you can’t partake in something like this then do contact me to set up a session, if not then no worries, I believe there is enough on this article and the attached comments that follow to show you how to proceed properly. I do the best I can; that is why my replies are usually so long.

I would recommend that you read the advice that I gave Maria, as this relates to what your current problem seem to be. Practice what I told her about moving your Servitor around; you are doing very well, the fact that you have been able to create a form that seems to want to stay put means that you have focused a lot of energy in the correct manner. What you now need to do is to develop your intent in order to move it and have it do what you desire. You have a machine, now you need to practice moving it around. Practice moving it and tasking like I told Maria, then when you send it believe in what you do because it is belief, your ability to manipulate your own beliefs, that will finally free you from any problems you will ever have. Your Servator is your creation, it is alive and real! It will do your bidding as long as your belief/intent maintains its form and gives it direction. Your belief/intent keeps it together and tells it what to do.
I believe in your power, I believe in your creation, I believe that you can learn to manipulate it and move it around as you will; to do as you will!!

penny 15-07-2014, 14:49

thanks again John for the advice.
I will keep going. There is so much energy in my creation. Its frustrating to me that I can’t see it, just feel it when I put my hands out infront of me.
Because I know nothing of this subject, only that you had explained, I never thought after creating the servitor that I’d have to make it move!! I know I can do it because my guides have told me so. I am now realising that intent and belief is everything.
At night I keep saying the banishing that you wrote for me.
If I keep having these problems then I will accept your offer of a telephone session!!

Wilhelm 22-07-2014, 21:27

How do I make sure I really have thoughtforms created by me unconciously during my life? How do I make sure I cleanse myself of all of them without destroying the ones I created to do something specific?

John 24-07-2014, 10:38

Within the context of servitors; you are only maintaining a thought form that is being constantly charged by you. If you’ll referred to the article, in the section that I talk about charging, you will see that it takes a very specific type of conscious attention to be able to charge a particular thought form.

You are indeed constantly creating thoughts and some of these can develop into what would be considered a thought form. In order to maintain the thought forms that you like and purge yourself of the ones that you find destructive or disadvantageous, what you need to do is to control the type of attention that you give them. In other words, charge a servitor that you wish to use and ignore, much as possible, those negative thought forms that you think are affecting you negatively. By the way you never really subconsciously create any kind of thought form like this, there is always a conscious understanding of what you are doing, even if it is buried by you using a combination of disadvantageous personal beliefs.

Anon 10-09-2014, 18:32

Hi John, i’m fairly new to witchcraft and I was doing some research to realize that within my own household was a spirit of some sort. I do believe it would be most likely a servitor summoned by another ,but it does not seem pleasant. I decided to summon my own servitor and at first after the first few seconds I could already feel some sort of energy coursing through my body as if it was coming alive. Then, out of the page, the bird seemed to almost want to jump out of the page as if it was going to move. Am i doing this correctly? Also, I tried using some lines such as *** I summon thee!
Is this okay?

Anon 10-09-2014, 18:32

Hi John, i’m fairly new to witchcraft and I was doing some research to realize that within my own household was a spirit of some sort. I do believe it would be most likely a servitor summoned by another ,but it does not seem pleasant. I decided to summon my own servitor and at first after the first few seconds I could already feel some sort of energy coursing through my body as if it was coming alive. Then, out of the page, the bird seemed to almost want to jump out of the page as if it was going to move. Am i doing this correctly? Also, I tried using some lines such as *** I summon thee!
is this correct?

John 11-09-2014, 07:32

It seems to me that you are a natural; if your servitor feels like it’s about to jump out on your first charge, then your focus and energy transfer are perfect. I also think that using your own magical words is great. Use your instincts and follow your gut, in that way you will be able to expand on my ideas and be able to develop a creation ritual/methodology that works best for you.

It sounds like you are creating a servitor to protect yourself and your home. This is excellent and it should always be the way you begin any magical act; first cleanse yourself and your space and then focus your will outwards.

Thomas 28-09-2014, 14:31


Thanks a lot for this article, it’s definitly something really interesting and could help a lot to acheive what we want.

I have a question: I am quite a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, a trading card game, and I wonder if I could make a servitor from the picture of the card. For exemple, if I want someone to fall in love with me, can I use a card which represent something that as a link to what I want (like a great angel holding a heart), or to be more clear, can the picture be the actual sigil that will direct the servitor?

Anyway, thanks a lot :)


John 28-09-2014, 16:09

Yes, you can definitely create a servitor that is an actual Yu-Gi-Oh character. Creating a servitor like that can be fun and perhaps even easier for you since you know the character well and it is naturally very inspiring for you.

The only thing I would have you worry about is that larger servitors and more complex ones require a lot more energy and time to put together. Smaller and simpler is better sometimes because more of your energy goes into the intent of the servitor; whatever your bidding might be.

Thomas 01-10-2014, 05:10

Thanks for the quick answer :)

Still have a question, do I need to make an even more cartoonish version of the card’s picture, or can it act as it?

One of my friend who is studying magick has also a question that I can’t aswer for sure, so I ask it to you: Is it possible to create a servitor that would make someone fall in love for with you? If yes, how? I personatly don’t think it’s possible, because the servitor would need to have a lot of energy to do it? But I’m not sure…

What do you think?

John 01-10-2014, 14:47

Hi Thomas, if you are really serious about the creation of servitors, then I suggest that you get my e-book, its only $ 1.99 on kindle and you will be able to get all the answers that you seek.

In chapter 2 for example I discuss what a servitor can be used for and give an example of how a friend of mine uses servitors for love. In chapter 3 I go into great detail about how to create a servitor and I think you’ll find the answer to your friends question there.

Sabrina 20-10-2014, 09:11

Hi John, that sounds very interesting and it would be really great to have something like this as a companion and protector. I have some little questions:

1. Can they speak?
2. Can they be touched?

It would be great when I could get answers to this questions. :)

John 21-10-2014, 13:05

Yes Sabrina, you can make a servitor that can talk and that you could touch. I must tell you though that it is a difficult thing to do because it requires a good deal of effort on your part. The reason for this is that you need to create a very powerful thought form in order to give attributes like this to it.

Might I suggest that you take a very long time in putting together the general shape and appearance of your servitor. What I mean is that in all phases of your creation of this servitor, you need to pay great attention to the physical appearance of this creature. It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed or very big; I would actually recommend that you make it smaller, that way you can focus more on empowering this thought essence so that it develops strong form. You will therefore need to charge your servitor, charge this thought form, until you can feel it. This will most likely take far longer than three sessions and depending on how skilled you are in charging your servitor, it can take anywhere from a week to a couple of months of constant charging (that is charging your servitor at least once a day). When you can touch it, you know that your job is done.

As far as talking, a servitor is not a sentient creature and therefore it is not able to respond to you in any complicated way. A well-developed thought form though can emote feelings and the way you process these feelings within your mind can allow you to communicate with it; you could say that in feeling basic emotions and thought ideas, you could communicate with your servitor in a quite efficient manner. As your creature grows in age, it will take on certain experience, especially if it is tasked with different jobs. This experience will then become a greater range for it to be able to emote with.

I have servitors that I find quite pleasing to me and they do provide good company sometimes. I am currently working on a book project but once I am finished this I would like to take some time to write another book on creating companion servants (companion servitors). The potential of these creatures is amazing.

Logan 28-10-2014, 09:14

Can you see servitors with yours eyes? The ones that aren’t your mind eye.

John 29-10-2014, 13:43

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is; it depends. It has to do with the fact that there are certainly different levels within what we would consider a ‘thought form’ or a servitor.

The longer that someone takes to charge a servitor, or the more powerful the person that is creating the servitor is, the more likely that this creation will be able to be seen by another person. What this means is that the psychic force used to create a servitor, has a direct relation to what a servitor can do and how it is perceived.

A servitor that is given a huge amount of psychic force ( it is charged for a very long time and in a very powerful way) can be seen by another person and its ability to act upon what we all consider to be objective reality, is much greater. A properly created creature like this can be seen by someone who has no idea that this creature is the creation of someone else, but this takes a great deal of force and effort.

Now if you mean, will I be able to see this servitor? The answer is that if it is your creation then you will certainly see it if you dedicate even a small but intense effort in the charging of it. Whether you are seeing something in your mind’s eye or not, makes no difference; you are seeing it. The more you charge it, the easier it will be for you to see it without focusing on wanting to see it. There will come a time when, if you have had this creature for a long while, that it will be as easy to see this servitor as it is for you o see a (real) object.

Logan 30-10-2014, 03:30

Thanks, that helped a lot. And I’m sure I can charge it powerfully if I’m listening to a certain type of music. What I have learned from the short amount of time I spent doing magic is that I have a lot of energy. So much so that it can mess with the electricity in the house if I don’t use it. However, I can’t focus it at all unless I’m using something that causes emotions to well up. I was actually charging my servitor a few hours ago while listening to a song that makes me feel happy. Within minutes a spark arched across the paper. After 15 minutes the paper flashed for an instant. I unfortunately don’t know what either of these mean. If you are able, could you tell me why that happened?

John 31-10-2014, 07:41

Well, let me start by commending you on your use of evocative music to charge your servitor. Evocation is a powerful aspect of any working and most get lost in silly ritualistic ideals and fail to realize that evocation means evocative.

I am also glad that you realize your potential and know that you need to use your energy to good purpose. A large number of the haunting phenomena, especially poltergeist activity, is due to a powerful person that is repressing his/her emotions and is not channeling these energies well.
I have had so many people telling me of their problems with these self created phantasms, or with other things that are attracted to this energy to feed, that I actually put together a book on how to deal with them. I believe that you are very self aware and I congratulate you for it.

If you are seeing sparks or flashes, this is a good thing. It is basically your psychic energy (which some call; chi, ki, prana, orgone, life force, mana, etc.) that you are projecting in a powerful way. If you are seeing flashes like this then you can be assured that you are projecting energy very well indeed.
Do though remember to focus on your etheric image as you project. You don’t want to get stuck charging just the paper. You want to use the symbol in the paper to help your intent and your visualization so that you can see the servitor above the paper in as clear a form as possible. When this image is strong and clear, then send your energy into it. Keep doing this until you feel that the servitor has gained mass (as it were). In this way your energies will not be lost in the physical aspect of your servitor but will actually go in to giving your thought, form.

Anon13 01-11-2014, 18:02

Hi John,

I just purchased your book for my kindle, and it’s super interesting. Thank you.

I did have a question regarding how to create a servitor to help a relationship? To help communication? I know that anything is possible, but I’m not exactly sure how to program it to do this. Any ideas?

John 03-11-2014, 08:49

Hi, thank you for your purchase and I hope that it is most helpful to you.

When it comes to help in communication with an individual person or couple, it can sometimes be difficult deciding what would work best. Each couple is different after all, and you have to be able to explore your feelings and the feelings of the other person to be able to decide what is most needed.

It could be for example that a certain person needs to feel that there is trust before they will open up and begin a heartfelt communication. Another person might need to feel acceptance, that they are accepted for who they are no matter what they do, before they can begin to communicate in a meaningful manner. It is up to you to find this information before you can create a servitor to help.

Generally speaking then the best way that a servitor can help with the relationship is that it can help you project those feelings that you think are needed in order to take your relationship to the next level of communication and awareness.

My suggestion to you is that you create a servitor very much like a lamp servitor (like the one I mentioned in chapter 2 of the book). What you can do then is to create a servitor that gives off energy and emotion, of the kind that you require in order to put your partner, or the couple that you’re working with, at ease.

A relationship, is always based on love, so I would then suggest that you create a servitor that shines like a beacon, one that you can call to you anytime you want. So for example you could have the servitor in the room where you or the couple are whenever you need it and its job will be to radiate love and happiness into the area. For this purpose, you could design a servitor that looks very much like a heart (like the classical cupids heart) and imbue it with the ability to shine like a light and project huge amounts of love into whatever room it finds itself in.

When you are charging this creature, make sure that you are imbuing it with huge amounts of love. In other words open up your own heart and pour love into it so that it can then pour this love out upon those that it radiates on.

I hope this helps, good luck.

Gabriel 15-11-2014, 07:27

Bought your book on Amazon. Thanks for the material. Powerful. I began to create my first servitor yesterday. Instead of using 3 days to charge it completely repeating the process taught, would I be able to do the same process three times in the same day and then move forward? I didn’t feel tired after all, but more motivated to charge it powerfully and use it. I’d also like to know your thoughts aboud drawing it in the computer as an illustration. Thanks again. Wish you the best.

John 17-11-2014, 08:30

Hi, thank you very much for the nice comment.

Yes you can definitely charge your servitor all in one day if you want to. The reason why I ask you to charge your servitor three times is because I am trying to create a link between you and the servitor and it’s not so much about charging the servitor three times in the day but the three individual days. What I mean is that I’m asking you to charge it (for the first time only) during three consecutive days because the charge plus your sleep cycle creates this link that I’m referring to. That is, it’s not the charge that links the servitor to you, it is your charge plus the sleep. After you have done this three day charge, then you don’t need to charge it three times again to send it out, you can from now on just charge the one time and then send it out. Sorry if this was not made clear enough.

If you want to you can charge it really powerfully all in one day and send it out, but if you do this (on your first charge ever of your servitor ever) the servitor might seem more like an energy bubble that you’re sending out, never to use again, as opposed to a servant that you wish to keep around and task again in the future.

Certainly if you charge a servitor and use it then charge it again and use it again, you will naturally create this link that I’m talking about but it will be harder and take longer. That is why I asked for the 3 days, but it is certainly up to you what method you would like to take. Follow your own intuitions on this and I’m sure you will be fine.

As far as illustrating your servitor, I think this is a wonderful idea. Anything that you can do to increase the amount of detail that you have in your brain about how this servitor looks like and how he might act, is always a positive when dealing with servitors. The more real that it becomes to you, and the more powerful your psychic charge, the more powerfully that your servitor will be able to affect the objective world.

Kimberly 17-11-2014, 13:31

Hello John,

I wanted to thank you so much for writing your book. I found your book from a kindle suggestion- I never look at those, but I chanced looking at your sample and bought it on the spot. It just happened into my life at a point when I am giving myself permission to look at things that before I would have avoided because of what people might think, and something spoke to me that this was something I could use Right Now.

In any case, I have had your book since Friday. Today is Monday and is the third day of charging- but I think I will focus on taking my time and really focusing. (I had a very clear idea of the type of servitor I wanted, and what it would look like and everything.) I have a habit of wanting things done right now and rushing through them- but this is something I really want to do right, because I really want this servitor to be around a long, long time. I have absolute belief it is already present, but lack confidence in my own ability to detect its presence. I’m really good at imagining it might be there- but I want to be sure I’m not just making things up- and if I AM just making it all up- I want to make sure I’m so good at making it up that it can affect the ‘real’ touch and feel life…

So no real questions, just a heartfelt thanks at making this available in book form- I wish you much health and prosperity!

John 17-11-2014, 13:51

Thank you very much Kimberly.

It is sometimes difficult to push against the web of the world; there is much heart ache and often times little reward. But it is a great day indeed when you know that you have helped a fellow traveler.

Here is a little quote that you might appreciate, which I happen to be most fond of:

“What we need to do to allow magic to get hold of us is to
banish doubts from our minds. Once doubts are banished anything is
Don Juan

Kimberly 18-11-2014, 12:22

Thank you again, John.

I figure I will just keep at this with a playful yet consistent attitude and not demand instantaneous results.

In the meantime I did think of a question that I didn’t notice in the book or elsewhere: I am guessing that one would want to keep their picture/ logo of their servitor pretty non-anthropomorphic, in other words not having many human characteristics- because the point of these exercises is to create your own thought form as opposed to accidentally summoning an entity of some sort. Would you agree with this assessment?

If that is the case, would you encourage or discourage talking to your servitor throughout the day, at a different time from when you are actually charging it? I’ve found myself saying things like “I am really looking forward to working with you.” and similar phrases at different times during the day when I happen to think of it. I’m not certain anything bad would come of it but then I wonder if that could be the beginning of bad training…? Or maybe I’m just overthinking..? In any case, I very much appreciate your time and wisdom.

John 20-11-2014, 14:34

It is my belief that you should be able to create and treat a servitor any way that you wish. In other words, if you wish to anthropomorphize it or talk to it, its all fine.

Remember that I mention in the book that you should always maintain “alpha dominance’ over this creature, and that I even recommend a certain animal trainer as the best way to learn to create this alpha dominance in yourself and in the relationship that you have with your servitor.

If at any time you feel that you are not in charge, then I suggest that you reprimand your creation and I do mention in the book how you can go about doing this. Believe me when I tell you that it is impossible for you to summon or to have this creature become possessed using my methodology. The energetic configurations are completely different. I suggest you focus more on enjoying the power of your mind and it creations instead of focusing of on the fear of what if.

If you find that you are having problems with negative entities in this matter then I can assure you that this is a result of another malicious persons involvement or because there is something in your psyche that you must deal with. In this case I would highly recommend that you use that techniques that I have put together in this book. I would also recommend this book to the many commenters that have asked for help in this matter in the past. They are actually the reason why I wrote the book in the first place.

Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun with it!

Kimberly 24-11-2014, 06:34

Thank you again, John. I am having fun with this, and I appreciate your suggestions! Have a great Thanksgiving :)

Roberto C. 03-12-2014, 07:40

I bought your book on Amazon and created only one Servitor with a complex task, but after a few weeks it seems to work. Thanks very much.!
My best regards.

Ben 07-12-2014, 13:59

Hello John, I know in terms of love you recommend to create a servitor that radiates love over us and make us more appealing. But you also say that we can create it for anything we can imagine. Can I create a servitor that make a girl attracted to me? I imagine it going to her and creating a connection between us. That connection transformed then into attraction and then into love.

Ben 07-12-2014, 21:11

By the way I also bought your book on Amazon. I just want to elaborate on this point.


John 08-12-2014, 14:45

Hi Ben,
Yes you can definitely create a servitor like this. The trick with the servitor is that it gives you a chance, an opening as it were to state your case to the person that you are interested in. The servitor can’t make someone love you, as I am sure you know, but it can help you catch the eye of that person that you admire.

My friend’s servitor, as I write in the book, was more a funny novelty to me really. It created some really funny moments among people that were interested in superficial encounters. Love could have grown from those encounters perhaps, given that the two people that met were both wanting this love to blossom, but no servitor could create or impose true love; such imposition negates the true meaning of this complex emotion/action.

I would suggest that you investigate the person that you are interested in and find out what her interests and desires are. Once you know, you can create a servitor that could shine a light on you as it were (this is a possible clue as to what a servitor could be designed to do). A servitor could also whisper in her ear and help you both find yourselves at the right place, just at the right time. Then it will be up to you to connect with her and foster that love you desire in her by giving that love yourself. Then it will be her choice to love you or to move on. Forced love is not real and is full of painful thorns, but if she truly does love you then you will know that it was her choice and her love will seem all that more precious to you.

Remember also that a servitor can help you with other aspects of your quest for your girl. It can help you get something she wants, or it can help you have luck, and power. A servitor is your ace up your sleeve, your trusted servant.

Ben 08-12-2014, 18:39

Thank you very much, John. That clarifies me a lot of things. I will put that in practice.

By the way, there’s another site that you find when you are googling about servitors, that says that in order to create a servitor, you first need to master sigil creation, or it won’t work.

What are your thoughts about that?

Thanks again.

John 09-12-2014, 13:35

No, you don’t need to know how to create a sigil in order to create a servitor. While it is true that you can create a servitor using the same method that you would use to create a sigil, and that in many ways this sigil and a servitor are pretty much the same thing, a sigil is really an old ritualistic method, and a highly Western one might I add, of working with intent and the power of thought forms. I go into a little greater detail about this in my book: The Vampire’s Way

Those that practiced, and practice, this methodology have different beliefs about the power of the human psyche and it is these beliefs that constrict their mental efforts. My methods incorporate a more expansive mind and a greater ability to work with thought. These methods are possible because we have changed the beliefs that we hold about human psychology and the power of the human psyche; there has been great change since the time of Mme. Fortune.

Gia 18-12-2014, 11:28

Hi John :)

First of all, I’d like to say thank you for writing this article, and your books and your site which i have been visiting for the past few days now. This is my first venture into magic and I feel pretty confident I’ve found an excellent source of information, thank you!! :)

I plan on starting creation of my servitor later on today.

I have a two questions:

1) Can they bring back actual physical objects for you or would that be too complicated a task? I know you said to keep it simple, but I’m wondering if they have enough discernment to bring back the correct object even if i am just asking for one simple item?

2) Is it possible that I could have seen the servitor I have yet to create?

I had a very strange occurrence happen to me the other night. I haven’t put any energy at all into creating my servitor, other than maybe 3 or 4 seconds of picturing what a very simplistic version of it would look like. That is all I did and I swear, I saw it in my house, popping up around a corner about 5 minutes later. I was looking directly at it, I saw part of it, not the whole thing, and then it was gone after about 2 seconds. That just boggled my mind, so I thought I would ask if that is even possible. Have you ever heard of that happening to anyone before? If not, then I don’t know what that was but it totally looked like what I plan on creating. I don’t plan on giving it any time-travel abilities, so I don’t really understand why I might have seen it, but i don’t see what else it could have been. My mind is going in all different directions with this right now so I hope you can offer some sort of clarity or understanding regarding if that is even possible at all or not?

There are so many possibilities going through my head right now as to why I might have seen it, but I don’t really know, so I will just leave it at.

Thank you,

John 18-12-2014, 13:55

Hi Gia,

Yes a servitor can bring specific objects to you and it is not above it to be discerning in what that specific object is. The potential of your servitor is directly related to the potential that you give it. What this means is that your servitor’s effectiveness is directly related to the amount of effort that you put into making it and charging it.

What you must realize though is that you should not expect the object that you seek to suddenly be plopped down in the middle of your house, even though this is possible, because concentrated thought force (which is what your servitor is made of after all) will naturally seek the easiest and most harmonious path to attaining any goal/action. Look for synchronicities, look for sudden impulses, and even heed your servitor if it pops out of nowhere and leads you somewhere. My experience has usually been that I send my servitor on an errand, and then a little while later what I wanted falls on my lap as it were, like an effortless bit of good luck.

As far as seeing your servitor before you make it, I find this to be quite possible. If you remember in my book when I spoke of thoughts, you might remember that I said that thoughts are incredibly powerful things and become far more powerful when they are backed up by emotional intensity. I bet that you were quite excited thinking about your servitor and you couldn’t wait to begin your adventure. Emotionally intense focus like this can create instant and powerful thoughts that are far more complex than you could possibly imagine using your conscious mind. I suspect that your intense focus coupled with your emotional excitement, created a powerful thought form almost instantly. You could think of it like a child that is as excited as you were when you thought about creating it. In its excitement it can’t wait to take the next step in its evolution, and this might make it seem a little pushy, but that’s only your mutual desire to enlarge the thought form that you have already started. Continue as specified in the book and you will have no problems in the development of this fledgling.

Good Luck!


A little extra on the vision of your future servitor. Thoughts are not bound by space and time and one of the biggest mistakes that current physics is making is to believe that only past actions can affect present reality. Not being bound by space or time, future thoughts can affect present reality; that is a future probability can affect a present action. This happens all the time to us and we usually accepted it by thinking that it was just a gut feeling or something similar that made us change our minds about a certain thing, or gave us the impulse to take this path and not the one. In other words, because of their very nature, thought forms are time travelers; without this ability, servitors would be quite limited in their capabilities indeed.

eboni 19-01-2015, 18:04

Should you forget about your servitor after you send it out on a task? Will thinking about its name or form summon it back from the task and leave it uncompleted till you send it out again?

John 20-01-2015, 15:07

This is a very good question. The answer is yes, you should forget about your servitor as much as possible when it is out on a task. I usually say that you should send your servitor out on the task and give it three days before you call it back to you again to recharge and send again if you did not get what you want. I say three days because I tend to be a bit impatient and want results fast but there are those that believe that two weeks is a better time to give your servitor in order for it to complete its task properly.

If you focus on your servitor, you are essentially taking some energy away from it because your focus does take away from some of its energy. My suggestion to you is that after you send your servitor out, you forget about it as much as possible for the three days or however long you feel that it will need; in other words trust your instinct on this because it is the best indicator of how long your servitor needs.
Think of it like this, you are sending out your ethereal machine to do your bidding. In order for it to do the best that they can, you must ignore it and forget about it so that it can do the best job possible without becoming weakened by your stray attention.

Silver Moon 23-01-2015, 21:21

What do you do with the paper after you summon the servitor? Do you keep it, hide it, burn it?

Josh 25-01-2015, 19:16

Hi I just found out about Servitors and I was wondering about a couple things before I charge mine. If the Servitor is visible only to me will I physically see it with my eyes or just in my mind whenever it’s around?

John 26-01-2015, 09:03

Another good question. Silver moon; some people tend to make a big deal out of this paperwork that is left over when you make your servitor. They tend to believe that this paper should be treated in some kind of ritualistic fashion, even if it is gotten rid of.

If you have noticed, throughout most of my work I try to stay away from ritual behavior. I tend to believe that rituals can cause problems in that they tend to make a person dark, brooding, and they tend to limit a person’s confidence by making them think that they need to do this kind of ritualistic behaviors in order to truly perform any kind of magic(k). My advice to you is to take this paper and keep it around IF you think it might help you to recharge your servitor in the future. If you don’t think that you will be needing it again then I suggest to you that you crinkle it up and throw it in the trash like any other paper that you have ever had.

John 27-01-2015, 08:42

Hi Josh,
Please see response that I gave to Novice Jacob on 29-04-2014, above.

Riley 01-03-2015, 11:38

Hello John,

I’ve got a few questions.

I am having a difficult time believing my servitor is there, in front of me. I believe this may be due a misconception, that being that I am thinking that I need to see it in front of me which is not happening. Perhaps I am looking at it wrong and should simply believe that it is present, inside of the room. If you’ve got any information on how I could overcome this problem please share it with me.

Next, I’ve created my servitor for the sole purpose of finding an object in the physical world and bringing it to me so that I can do with it as I please, does this require more charging as it has to be able to bring me an actual solid object?

Thank you,

John 03-03-2015, 08:57

Hi Riley,

Belief is an important thing, within the context of what you are trying to do, it is most important. That being said, you must explore your own personhood and discover how it is that you would truly believe that your servitor is there; real and alive. What I mean by this is that; would you believe that it is there if you could see it with your own eyes? Or would you believe in it if you felt it deep down inside yourself that it was there?

Once you can answer this question, you must work to try and experience your servitor in this way during your charging. For example, if it is the case that your belief hinders on the act of seeing your servitor as a real entity before you, then you must strive to see it before you when you charge it. You’ll believe it when you see it, so see it.

Now you might say that this is easier said than done, but I tell you that if it was so easy then everyone would be a super, conscious magician. My recommendation to you is that you stop trying so hard. When we try hard when it comes to magical work, we only make it harder to get the results we desire. Make it a game, try seeing (or feel) your servitor as being there in the same way that you daydream. Some people believe that they are terrible visualizer, yet we are all amazing daydreamers. Next time you are bored silly at work, in some boring class, or talking to someone boring, you will see what I mean. Next time then, try to see your servitor in a daydream, I bet that you will find this much easier. Afterwards you can go into the charge process with a far better ability to see and feel your servitor before you.

Secondly, I would have you read the comments above so that you get a good understanding of what your servitor can do. While poltergeist phenomenon is perfect proof that non-physical entities can move and manipulate physical objects, you must also realize that these entities are incredibly powerful things that are very difficult to replicate without a huge amount of psychic force.

Chris 15-03-2015, 12:52


My comment refers back to the ‘servitor beetle’ problem further up on the page.

Wouldn’t the technique of vampire self defense work on that? Just drain it’s energy and transmute it into psychic energy you can use?

Drain the little bastard of all it’s energy and let it float off into oblivion! ;)

John 15-03-2015, 14:26

You are quite right. It was actually Penny’s problem that finally motivated me to work hard to write the book, “The Vampire’s way to psychic self defence”.
I knew that she was still frustrated by the problem that she was having and there was no way that I could explain the intricacies of that self defence methodology in a single post or article. This method would also work for Walker above, and for anyone that is experiencing any kind of psychic attack.
Thanks Chris!

Louis 05-04-2015, 08:25


Can one charge a servitor using radionics and how?


John 08-04-2015, 07:45

This is a really interesting question. I must let you know that I am not a radionics expert but can give you a basic idea how you could make this work.
If you are using the basic radionics device then you could use your servitor’s logo or sigil to find the rate of your servitor by placing the logo in the witness can. Once you have your rate you can use a number of different methods to charge it; it would be a very similar procedure that you would use to help someone who is sick for example by using a psionic amplifier.
Be careful to not overcharge your servitor like this though. It is in my opinion many of these devices work by taking from your personal etheric energy, so you could end up depleting your energy if you leave a machine like this on for a long time.
I personally recommend that you stick to the procedures as I have outlined them since with this method you are in complete control of your own energies and how you are charging your servitor, which has two major benefits:
- It allows you develop a greater rapport with your servitor.
- It develops your mental abilities so that you are able to truly understand how you create the objective world around you from your subjective reality.


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