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How to Create a Servitor to do Your Bidding

A Servitor is essentially a servant that you create in order to do your bidding. It is a creature created on the astral plane that performs a certain task which you require.

I am going to show you how to make a Servator so that you can use it in order to help you. This is my version of creating a servitor, it is the John Kreiter special which means that it is in some ways simpler but also a far more powerful method of creating an astral being for your purposes.
A servitor could be used to:

  • Guard your property or a loved one(s)
  • help you create an aura about yourself (for example you might create one that is sort of like a light that fills you with confidence, bravery, luck, etc.)
  • bring you things that you might need


The general explanation of what a Servator is, is that it is a concentrated thought form that is created to perform a certain task(s). Esoterically it is believed that thoughts can be concentrated to such a degree that these thoughts eventually become physically real. The explorer and writer Alexandra David-Néel for example wrote at great length about her encounters with thought forms in Tibet, which are called “Tulpa”, and how Tibetan monks were incredibly adept at creating these. She also writes how she was able to create one of these Tulpas herself after many months of effort and eventually this thought form became so solid that others in her expedition party were able to see it as well*.

In order to create a decently functioning Servitor, you do not need to spend months putting it together and certainly it does not need to be so powerful that others can see it.

For those that find it difficult to believe that thought-forms can be coalesced into such a power, that they can actually affect reality or be seen by other people, there is also a psychological explanation that might help. Some psychologists like to expound the theory that the human psyche can be seen of as made up of different parts; that is, what we consider to be a whole personality is actually a personality made up of a whole bunch of different sub-personalities working together. There is a part of you for example that is a whiner while there is another part of you that likes to win at all costs. Since we seamlessly cycle from one part(sub-personality) of our whole personality to another, we do not notice that in actuality we are made of many different parts working together.
A Servator then is sort of like a part that you are creating through the use of a ritual act. You either create a whole new sub-personality or you round up a few of these sub-personalities in order to manifest a new one that is well-suited to a particular purpose.

When this psychological explanation fails is when you have coincidences or synchronicities that happen which seem to be beyond mere psychological action. Certainly here we could transpose ideas about the personality affecting reality through either the ‘collective unconscious”, or the remapping of probable events at a subconscious level by this newly created sub-personality.
At any rate I can tell you from personal experience that these Servitors do function quite well and that their use can be highly profitable if you learn this skill.

To create a Servator you need to go about it in three parts:

  1. Construction
  2. Charging
  3. Casting



The first step is construction which means that you have to create a symbolic representation of your Servitor. This to me is the funnest part because you are essentially using your creative talents to come up with a design for a new being. I suggest that you look far and wide and borrow ideas from any source that you might have available to you.
The one thing that you must keep in mind though is that you want functionality above all else;
think of what it is that you want your Servitor to do. If for example you want a Servator that will go out into the world and get something for you, you might want to give it really strong arms or perhaps even tentacles that it can use to latch on to what it wants in order to bring it back to you. If you want a Servator to protect your home, you might want to give it armor of one kind or another so that it can protect you in the best way possible. As I said you can do whatever you think is best, just remember to stick to functionality and I might also suggest that you create a smaller creature instead of the bigger one as it takes more energy and time to charge a bigger Servitor.

The best way to do this is to grab some scrap paper and write down on it a ‘statement of intent’. This statement basically represents what you want your Servitor to do or what you wish to accomplish with your Servitor. Once you have the statement of intent, think of a creature that you believe would best be able to perform that duty that you want it to accomplish. As I stated above, use your imagination here and create something that you really like and that you think will be able to do what you want it to do. You can even borrow certain creatures that already exist and use this image as your personal servitor. For example it would be a great idea to use something like an ‘angry bird’ to guard your home; at the first sign of trouble, it flies off and explodes driving away any evil person or energy.

Once you have your statement of intent and you have created a good representation of what your servitor looks like, the next step is to create a more cartoonish or simplified version of this servitor on paper. For example if you have created an armored turtle to protect your home, draw a really simple stick figure of this turtle. You might want to just draw a simple hexagon to represent this servitor that you are creating. It will essentially be the symbol by which you will know your servitor; think of it as a logo of your servitor.

The final step is to give your servitor name. Again this is all up to you so try and come up with a name that you find suited to your servitor and to what its purpose is. Also try and think of something that you like and that will inspire you when you are using your servitor in the future. Tell this name to no one.

So on this piece of paper you should have:


  • statement of intent at the top
  • a paragraph or a point by point description of what you want your servitor to do
  • a personal drawing of your servitor which should be as complex as you can make it
  • a point by point description of your servitor special powers or capabilities which should be apparent in your drawing (no one else should be seeing this drawing so don’t worry about trying to make it perfect, you just want a good description of the creature that you are trying to create)
  • a simplified version of the descriptive picture that you have made, this is a symbol or ‘logo’ of your servitor
  • the name of your servitor at the bottom



Now that you have created the effigy of your servitor, you need to bring it to life. In order to do this you will be charging it with thought force which is essentially personal attention. Whether you believe in the psychological aspects of creating a different part of your personal psyche or whether you believe that you need to create a thought form of enough intensity so that it can eventually affect the material world, what you essentially need to do here to charge your servitor and to give it your concentrated attention.

You can either use the scrap piece of paper that you used to come up with your servitor or you can get another piece of paper and on it draw the logo of your servitor along with its name. Find a quiet place where you can be alone and put that piece of paper before you so you can see it. Focus all your attention on that logo and begin to repeat the name of your servitor. As you do so imagine as vividly as possible that this servitor is real and that it is alive before you. Keep repeating the name and if you can, try to imagine your servitor coalescing about the piece of paper that you have drawn. But most importantly try to believe with every fiber of your being that this servitor is alive and is now before you.

Try to do this exercise for a good 10 to 30 minutes. I recommend that you do this exercise at least three times, on three different days, before you consider your servitor to be functional. The more times that you do this exercise, the stronger that your servitor will become, and the more powerful that it’s influence will be.

-If you are creating a servitor that you will only use once, then charging it three times should be good enough.
-If you are creating a servitor that will be around for a while then you could charge it initially and then recharge it every month or so depending on what feels good for you.
-If it’s a servitor that you will use once and then maybe use again in a few months or years, charge it as usual every time you need to use it.


the final part of using your servitor is to give it its instructions in a concise way and send it out to do your bidding.
The best way to do this is to first charge your servitor until you have a good sense, a strong belief, that it is indeed alive before you (perhaps floating above its logo and name on that paper). Then once you are confident that it is there; call its name, give it its instruction, and send it on its way. You might say something like; “ [servitor's name] go out and protect this home!” “GO!” And then point in the direction you want it to go.

Think of your servitor sort of like a pet that you have created or perhaps a computer program that you have created in order to do your bidding. Be strong and commanding in your tone whenever you address it and always remember that it works for you and not the other way around. If you ever see it fleeting around not acting in a way that you wanted to, order it to get back to work or tell it to make itself scarce until you need it. If you’re having problems in this area then I suggest that you watch a few episodes of “the dog whisperer” so that you clearly understand what it means to be a leader.

Whether a psychological exercise or a truly alive astral being and thought form, your servitor will be able to accomplish amazing things if it is created correctly. Be creative in your creations and how you wish to accomplish your desires, this is a truly wonderful way to deal with some of the problems that you might have in your life and the sky’s the limit as to what your servitors can do.
For example I know a lady that created a servitor that was a big 1920s oil lamp. This servitor gave off this beautiful green light and its purpose was to hang just above the front door of her house illuminating anyone coming into the house with its light; the green light was beautiful loving energy. The servitor was created to bring harmony to the home and to give good feelings to any visitor entering the home.


There is a magical world all around us and it can be accessed by anyone who is willing to put the time and effort to discover our Occult Reality. If you are interested in learning more about how to become more aware of these powerful though-forms and how to control them, then I suggest you check out my book “The Occult Experience“. There you will find ways to train your mind to see these paranormal forces, and you will also learn how to banish them when necessary.



*1929, Magic and Mystery in Tibet





Lady Wisdom 09-08-2013, 03:30

How do you disipatate a servitor? In other words, how do you get rid of one?

John 09-08-2013, 07:41

This is a very good question so thank you for asking.
First of all it is very important that before you create a servitor, you are really sure about what you intend to do. Decide right away whether you think it will be something that you will only need once or whether it will be an entity that you will be using many times. If it is a servitor that you will use only once, then the initial charge of this servitor should be enough so that once it is sent on its mission, it will perform its task and then dissipate.
The truth of any thought energy is that it will never completely fade away, that is it will always exist and essentially take off on a life of its own, creating its own probable events. This is also the case with any dreams that we might have, they do not stop existing after we stopped dreaming them. What happens is that this servitor will continue to exist just like any other thought the we have had, it will just exist in a probable universe that we are not aware of. So the first answer is that any servitor that has your attention taken away from it, will stop existing within our awareness and will essentially be gone from our lives. In order to dissipate any servitor, you must stop paying attention to it or thinking about it in any way, forcefully keep your attention well away from it if you have to.

In the article I mentioned that you should watch a couple of episodes of “the dog whisperer”. I mention this because any servitor that you will be using on more than one occasion, and therefore paying a lot of attention to, will start to become more prominent in your life. When you create a servitor like this and can’t control it, it can become more of a hindrance than help. Servitor’s are like pets, you are in charge and they do your bidding, not the other way around. Learn to become the alpha in the relationship or just like the people in the Caesar Milan show, don’t get one. But again even this type of servitor will dissipate within a pretty short period of time if you completely ignore it. Be very specific about what the servitor’s task is and then send it on its mission. Once it is sent on its mission forget about it. If you see it buzzing around like a pesky fly, pretend that you’re a giant vacuum cleaner and suck it up into yourself. it’s your creation and it’s using your energy of attention to exist within this dimension so if it starts to act up on you, put it in its place by sucking that energy back.

juanpedro 22-08-2013, 20:24

Hi John.
Thank you for the info. Today is the my first day of servitor making attempt :) . I do have a question, though. Why can’t the drawing be seen or name be known by other person?

John 22-08-2013, 20:54

A servitor is essentially a highly concentrated thought form and is therefore susceptible to the thoughts of others. When you let another person in on the secrets of your servitor, you are essentially opening up your servitor to their mental influence. These thoughts are never productive even when the other person has positive intentions. The reason for this is that the servitor works on a highly specific thought stamp with a highly specific task as its goal. When another person knows about your servitor or knows about what your servitor will try to accomplish, their thoughts and intentions could get in the way of this servitor and make its job far more difficult.

If we take it for granted that thoughts can create things, that they are things themselves, then the thoughts of another person have a power of their own as well. Have you ever wondered why it seems so hard to witness paranormal phenomena around the skeptic? The reason for this is that the powerful thoughts of that skeptic are actually creating an intent of their own which makes any paranormal activity difficult to manifest.

When you tell someone about your servitor you’re giving them ‘history’ of that servitor and this information coupled with their expectations will be projected just as your servitor has been projected. Knowledge of your servitor’s name or its image are key components because it is sort of like the key that you use to ‘focus in’ on the servitor no matter how far or scattered the thoughts are that make up the servitor. If another person knows your servitor’s name then that focus from them to your servitor becomes even more powerful.

Keep this task to yourself and never reveal your servitor’s name or its image. Secrets are a powerful thing and that power can help to increase the effectiveness of your mental creations.

Good luck! And if you don’t get the exact results that you were hoping for, keep practicing. Focus is everything; focus when you are charging your servitor and focus when you are sending your servitor on its task.

Walker 28-08-2013, 16:54

So what do you do if you have a thoughtform that is over ten years old, and may be a nearly (if not fully) sentient being that will absolutely not be ignored? Sorry for vagueness, but I’m trying to keep a long story short. The person in question really isn’t a practitioner of any sort of magick or metaphysics, but since putting her thoughtform on the backburner, the thoughtform has been getting aggressive in dreams. I’ve told her essentially what you already advised in the comments above, but the thoughtform is stubborn and hell in high heels and comes off as pretty indomitable.

I have a few ideas on how to deal with it, but I’m not sure if generate the proper “gnosis” (for lack of a better term) to convincingly send it away. Any tips?

Solid site, by the way. Will continue to read your stuff.


John 28-08-2013, 19:02

Hi Walker,

It does seem like you have quite a situation there. Something that old and with so much attention added to it, can indeed be quite a handful. Something like this can be quite similar to a bodily dis-ease or even a psychological break. The reason for this is that something that has gotten so much attention can essentially become a belief within the psyche. A belief is essentially a thought or a collection of thoughts that has created a neurological pattern within the brain, somewhat like a memory. Changing a belief involves the ability to inject a whole new set of thoughts with enough intensity that they rewire the brain.

When Alexandra David-Néel, I’m not sure if you know about her but you can look her up if you like, created a thought form with the guidance from Tibetan monks, she commented on the fact that after six months of arduous effort, the thought form that she created turned into a very large pest. This pest required another six months of arduous effort to get rid of it.

You say that you have implemented some of the ideas that I have shared in the comments above. This essentially boils down to first and foremost, not paying attention to it. This can obviously be quite a difficult task when the entity keeps popping out from around corners or inserts itself into your friends dreams. If your friend is able to completely let go of this entity emotionally, this method would essentially stop that entity within short order.
I have also mentioned that you can begin to systematically drain the thought energy that this entity uses to maintain itself. This is what I believe Alexandra David-Néel had to do when she needed to get rid of her thought form.

The best way to do this is to ritualistically take apart the form and character of this entity and then slowly but surely drain every single ounce of attention/thought energy that it has. Now by ritualistically I mean you could help your friend to denote the exact dimensions of this being; what it looks like, what it’s called, how it acts, what it does, and everything else he can think about it specifically. When you have all this together you drain every single aspect of this entity away; for example starting with what it looks like, slowly drain away all the attention/thought energy from this thing until it no longer has a form. Your friend must be completely satisfied that she has drained away all of this creatures energy until the form is no longer capable of existence outside of her psyche.
The draining away is done by imagining yourself to be a giant vacuum cleaner or a magnet perhaps that slowly and systematically sucks all of this energy into itself. You could for example imagine that you are sucking the light of life from this entity into yourself, doing this for as long as it takes to remove the form. Then you do this with every single aspect of this entity; its name, its actions, etc. Done systematically, this method works but it takes time and effort.

But this isn’t the only way, do remember that your mind is an infinitely creative thing. If the above methods, or the methods that you are thinking of trying do not work, try something completely different. A great approach would be to create another servitor, or perhaps a whole flock of them. They don’t have to be incredibly strong or complicated in design. All you have to do is create a flock of servitor’s that have only one task; the task being to slowly drain away the energy from this bothersome entity. Sort of like a lamprey or perhaps giant mosquitoes, the servitor’s would slowly drain away the energy from this entity over time. You can create as many as you want and you can have this energy that they suck away either come back to your friend or have the servitors take it to the Earth and deposit it there.

My final comment, I promise; do remember that this entity did not get this energy by itself. That is while this thought form might have been in the back burner, your friend must have been paying constant attention to it for it to get this strong. I would suggest that you question her on this and that you ask her about the thoughts that guided her. Again you might find that there are certain beliefs that she has that will be the culprit here. If this is the case then I suggest that you have her deal with these negative beliefs.

Hope this helps!

Walker 28-08-2013, 20:30

Thanks, and I’ve known about the Neel book, I just haven’t tracked it down or ordered it off of amazon yet. Been meaning to of course.

The friend, I should add, is my girlfriend whom I’m quite serious with, and the entity absolutely hates me because, according to my girlfriend, I took away the need for her to exist. The tulpa/servitor started off as sort of the idea of a “Tough, cool grown-up chick” that would look out for her, but eventually became the embodiment of her stage persona during her year-long stint as an exotic dancer (which if you give credence to the sigil > servitor > egregore > godform growth pattern of thought-forms, might explain why she has such a strong presence). So basically we’re dealing with something that is all Id and Ego, but no super ego. There’s been no cases of unwilling possession, just some dreams where the being openly told my girlfriend it was a dream, and proceeded to torment her by doing things like seducing dream-me, causing chaos at a wedding reception — and even going as far as to continue the nightmares after she had woken up, gotten some water, and went back to bed. I think the root fear that keeps the servitor alive is the lack of self-confidence in my girlfriend without the watchful protection of the man-hating hellfire cat.

Anywho, I’ve been developing a sort of ritual to help with dwindling the presence using your general techniques to reach a gnostic “religious” state (if only for the placebo benefits alone). I’m fairly competent fiction writer so my thought was to convincingly “write” her into a position of less power. I’ve made a couple of attempts to write something, but I don’t think I approached it with enough reverence, so if I’m going to attempt this I’m going to have to write something roughly publishable, that will never be published. No big deal for someone I care about. The difficulty is in getting somebody else to “Believe this will work”, so I’m going to have to design a system of gibberish sigils and find a way to make everything feel “authentic” without accidentally stepping into the creepier bits of occultism that might be offputting. Not sure if it’ll work, I might try it out on a buddy of mine who has a similar problem and would be more immediately open to the idea, just to see if “magic through art” can affect thoughtforms.

I’ve done some research prior to stumbling upon your site, but none of the fifteen-year-old bronies on the tulpa sites gave any valuable insight. They all equate tulpa supression with murder, so it’s difficult to get any help.Thanks again for the tips.


John 29-08-2013, 07:29

Thanks for sharing, I really appreciate your comments.

It sounds like you have some very good ideas so I hope everything goes well. If you’re looking for some more basic information, might I suggest this book by Phil Hine:

I’m not certain if you know about Chaos Magick, but you certainly seem to know how to play their game.

I would also recommend my book “The Occult Experience”, but while in the book I give a long and concise chapter on banishings, these techniques are only used to keep certain things at bay; not to annihilate them. It’s sort of like the Incredible Hulk principal; if you can contain it and manage it, it can become an amazing power for constructive ends.

I had something very similar happened to me with a girl I used to know, it did end up turning into a full-blown poltergeist attack one night which was of course incredibly fascinating to me. This thing had enough power to completely trash part of the ceiling and the night turned into a very powerful battle of wills. if this happens to you, get mad. Remember what I said about Cesar Milan.

let me know how it goes, I am happy to help in anyway I can.

Erick 04-10-2013, 04:54

Can I charge a sigil with Ellis in order to increase the power?

John 04-10-2013, 07:29

I’m not sure what you mean by Ellis. If it is what I think you mean, then I would say that most likely not. While such a substance, used properly by trained individuals, seems to have the ability to alter neural synapses and create some amazing long-term change in beliefs, a servitor is designed to affect the external world and not just yourself. Such creation seems to require a type of psychic force that does not just come from complete and utter belief but in the adrenal release created by the struggle engendered when one tries to make a desire real.

cesar 08-11-2013, 21:57

Can servitors be created to be self sufficient as far as energy? So that they do not require constant charging if i plan on using it for many years? as in part of its design is to acquire energy that is not being used by any living entity around to feed itself as in to be able to complete its set task?

John 27-11-2013, 09:19

Yes, theoretically it can to a certain degree. BUT this is dangerous because you would be creating a vampiric entity. An Egregor is not a smart thing so complicated tasks like sucking the life force from certain things only, things that might not need energy for example is very difficult. Your thought form will not be able to make such decisions; decisions in general are beyond it. These beings must be given a very simple task and then forcefully commanded to carry them out. If you get too complicated, you will most likely create an ineffective creature.

While energy is what keeps it alive, a more important issue with an Egregor is its software as it were. Software degrades over time also so you must feed it energy but you must also make sure that its task and your command are also recharged within it. All energy and no software and you have a poltergeist. Keep it simple and command it strongly.

Penny 01-01-2014, 10:59

Hi ive had a servitor sent to me and its attached to my aura. This person wanted to make my life hell. Ive tried everything to remove it. Ignoring it makes no difference as its not my energy that made it. HELP!!!!

John 01-01-2014, 14:46

Hi Penny,

I’m so sorry that this has happened to you and I will do my best to help. First realized that this is a most difficult situation for me since I know very little about the situation that caused this problem to begin with. My first advice to you would be to seek help from someone that has experience in these matters, even someone that works with energy directly like a Reiki master.

If this is not possible for you at the moment, I’m going to give you the four-pronged approach that you can use until you get proper help and realize the root issue as to why this situation has come your way.

Step one: the first thing that you should do is take matters into your own hands and do something about banishing this negative entity. I give some examples here in this site of how to banish negative energy and entities and I suggest that you look into these if you are interested; specifically in the paranormal section. I am also going to give you a specific conjuration that you can use right away as it is a very powerful incantation that you can use to help yourself as soon as possible.

It is a conjuration against demons, it is of Sumarian origin and should destroy this thing out right. I want you to wait until nighttime to use it as it is most powerful at this time. It is essentially quite simple to do; basically repeat these words while concentrating deeply on this negative entity (not the person but the servitor) that you perceive as being attached to you. It is very important that you focus on this negative entity as you say these words; either by imagining it in your minds eye as a visual thing or even the feeling of it when it is close to you.
While you are focusing on this thing repeat the following:

Arise! Arise! Go far away! Go far away!
Be shamed! Be shamed! Flee! Flee!
Turn around, go, arise and go far away!
Your wickedness may rise to heaven like unto smoke!
Arise and leave my body!
From my body, depart in shame!
From my body Flee!
Turn away from my body!
Go away from my body!
Do not return to my body!
Do not come near my body!
Do not approach my body!
Do not Throng around my body!
Be command by Shammash the Mighty!
be command by Marduk, the Great Magician of the Gods!
Be command by the God of Fire, your Destroyer!
May you be held back from my body!

Step two: I want you to practice this particular exercise and to to it on a daily basis;

I want to do this until you create a positive level of energy around yourself and your surroundings so that this bubble exists within and around you no matter where you go. It will involve some focus on your part and concentration.

Step three: I want to examine your life and the situations that led to this outcome. It could quite possibly be that there is nothing that you did to cause this but I urge you to study the situation nonetheless to find out how this happened whether accidental or otherwise. As you do this examine your beliefs about the situation and notice any beliefs that you think seem erronous in some way. If you believe that you should change your beliefs in this area then begin to do so.

Step four: I want you to forgive the person that did this to you. I also want to forgive yourself. Send this person love with all your heart and know that any time that you are sending love to someone, that person cannot hurt you with any negative thoughts or feelings. Open up your heart to yourself and love yourself for who you are; loving yourself in this way and sharing this love with the other will free you energetically from any bonds that this person has placed upon you.

Finally seek help from someone that you think you can trust and who knows about these matters. Someone who can be there with you physically and can give you advice on how to keep up your strength energetically and spiritually.

Penny 06-01-2014, 08:31

thanks for your advice John. Besides rheki masters that ive already seen and they seem to have ‘fed it’ who else would you suggest?
It was sent to me by someone full of jealousy and they knew I wouldn’t have a clue about what to do. She thought my husband would think I was crazy and leave me, after 27yrs my hubby knows that if I say this has happened then it has and he is supporting me along with my 2 children.
I will send out love to her and myself and banish the servitor. It is attached to my aura, it scratches me with razor sharpe claws constantly and makes me feel raw. my hubby has 3 deep scratches on his back and I have had them too. Its really awful.
unfortunately the people ive seen have been mediums and they all treat it like a spirit who hasn’t gone to the light, they have no idea about servitors/thoughtforms.
I will keep you posted. thanks again

John 06-01-2014, 09:11

I’m sorry that the reiki practitioner did not work for you. I thought that a person like this might be able to help but if they’re not good enough to be able to distinguish between your energy and foreign energy then indeed this person will only feed this thing and it’s best that you stay away from him or her.

Thanks to the power of our incredibly all-encompassing media, it has indeed become the case that even the occult has become PC. While there has always been a large amount of people professing to have some kind of power or another, thanks to the many ghost shows and the like on television, everything is now blamed on ghosts or little grey men from outer space.

While I have seen a number of ads for people professing to be sorcerers or the like, I would not recommend these people since it is quite possible that they don’t have a clue what they are doing either and you could end up in a bigger mess than when you started.

Why I told you that you should examine yourself and your beliefs, and why I also mentioned that you should find some kind of support, is that things like a servator or a malignant thought form, cannot exist very long by themselves. So unless this person is resending these things over and over, the thought form that is now hurting you should run out of steam if you make sure that you don’t feed it yourself. You feed it by projecting guilt, sadness, pain, and worry. Cutting off these emotions can make you sick so I do not suggest that, but what I do suggest is that you examine what you believe about certain things that relate to this situation so that you can tell yourself, “no, this is not true and I will stop believing it.”

If you are on your own, so be it. I have full confidence that you can take care of yourself with a little practice now that you know what you are up against, you seem like a capable person to me.

First of all keep practicing what I told you; that one banishing incantation that I gave you is a very powerful and if you keep using it, with complete focus on the thought form when you say the words, this thing should get blasted from your life.

Also remember to fight fire with fire. This article after all was created to teach you how to create a servator for yourself. I personally have a servator that protects me and mine on a regular basis and I suggest you do the same. Use the advice given in the article and create something powerful and over time, as its power grows, this thought form will be able to protect you from anything.

As you already know, life is far stranger than most people would like to believe. If you want to do a little more studying on your own, then I suggest my book ”The Occult Experience”. While it’s not directly related to how to deal with such thought forms as we have discussed, it does give you the general background as to how life and our perceptions work and it does give you many ideas as to how to expand your own abilities. I also recommend anything on “Chaos Magick”; the books by Phil Hine or Andrieh Vitimus are good, just check Amazon.

Good luck, and do keep me posted.

BabalonSS11 04-02-2014, 07:38

Hi John,
I was wondering if Servitors can be of assistance in the Astral, rather than the physical plane? In the sense that one may require assistance in the Astral, say for protection or guided wisdom etc or could a Servitor be used to assist one in the act of projection into the Astral from the physical?

John 04-02-2014, 09:17

This is a great question! The complete answer would require a book I think, but the short precise answer would be yes. Actually I would use the answer; emphatically yes.

If your servator becomes powerful enough, so that you can see it in your dreams, then you can be sure that it can be of help to you while you are in the dream or astral state.

Now, the astral experience is actually a varied thing and can involve different types of conscious and unconscious states. As a result the way your servator acts in these states can also be quite varied. For example if you use The Mental Technique Method that I write about in this article, using your servator in these states can be easy and you will also find that it is a wonderful companion whenever you need its particular assistance, depending on what its function is supposed to be.

While in a lucid dream state or in a complete astral projection, the use of your servitor is still quite feasible and it is one of the methods used by powerful sorcerers to get across difficult regions of the Psyche or the astral spheres. The problems that you might encounter involve the identification and the control of your servitor. In these states a servitor could appear to as anything from a blob of light or mist, to an amalgamation of all of the different ideas and thoughts that you have about it and what it should look like. If you are able to see your servitor in the astral or in a lucid dream as a complete entity, just like you designed it to be, acting completely under your command, then you are definitely a powerful person and one who has mastered the ability to create these powerful thought forms.

If you are able to create such a powerful servitor, and this just takes practice patience and effort, then using this servitor in the astral can be a great benefit to you. You can use to protect yourself from foreign energy that you might encounter, you can also use it to light your way and to help you probe distant areas, you can use it as a guide sort of like a deep reconnaissance probe, and you can use it to help you protect your body while you are far away on an astral voyage. You can also use it to help you begin in astral projection, sort of like a door into the other plane; once you see it clearly and feel it, you are there.


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